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What do B/O and E/P mean for Joysway Slot Car Set?

The terms B/O and E/P can be seen in Slot Car Set descriptions. Then what do they mean?
B/O, the full name is Battery Operation, it means the slot car set is using battery box to provide the power.
E/P, the full name is Electric Power. Of course, it means the slot car set is using a transformer connected to the electric supply to provide to power.

Some of the slot car models are configured with battery box as default, then we call it B/O (battery operation) slot car set, And some are configured with an electric power transformer as default, we call it E/P or electric power slot car set.

But this is not absolute. If a customer wants the electric power configuration for a slot car set default with B/O, for example, special 101 slot car set. Yes, it is ok, only replace the B/O box with a transformer, the configuration is updated.